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GoEssays (previously Go-essays.com) was founded in 2003 by a small team of American university graduates and academic freelance writers. We started the company with a simple but ambitious goal, to help students from all walks of life create well crafted, analytical and thoughtful essays, dissertations, book reports and course work projects of all types. We realized early on that students are in need of such services not because they are lazy, as is the common but often erroneous assumption of students seeking such services, but because, quite simply, students need help.

Indeed, many times students may very well understand the course material but simply are not aware of or familiar enough with the research techniques and analytical skill set required to write good essays. And by no means is writing a good essay easy. It requires time; time to research, time to think, time to consider different perspectives, time to write and re-write and re-write again until the final product is not just ‘good enough’ but outstanding. We also sought to offer good examples to help guide students take control of their academic success, content which is otherwise not available to them. So in short, we are here to offer you excellent content for whatever writing project you may have. Producing the kind of work we provide is not delivered by mindlessly writing (or copy/pasting) essays by the thousands. It is done by taking time and dedication to you, the client, understanding your specific needs and requests and then following these to the letter. After all, we do want you to stay with us.

It has been 14 years since we started and we are proud that, while we do not serve millions of customers, we have been able to forge very strong and long lasting relationships with thousands of clients, mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom and some from Australia. We carved out a particular niche with Chinese students studying in the UK. We found this particular group of students struggle with not only with culture shock but also another kind of shock in the differing expectations in Chinese universities (where they are to memorize and listen) versus the UK (where they are to explore alternative ideas, theories and take control of their own learning).

International students are by no means lazy or incapable but often they need help putting it all together. There is so much content; the course content, required readings and readings students are expected to read outside of the course, and students are expected to transform all of this information into a coherent, analytical essay. It is a huge struggle for many of international students to do this.

We are proud to say that many of our clients have come from major universities from the region, including but certainly not limited to the University of Sussex, the University of Hertfordshire, University of Glasgow, Lancaster University, City, University of London, and many, many more. Our clients often stay with us for the entire duration in which they are completing their degree, with many of them going on to place their dissertations or theses. We are proud to have assisted so many in the process. We hope we can assist you too, and look forward helping students from all walks of life for decades to come.

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