Literature Reviews

So, you have to write a literature review? You may be very well wondering, what are literature reviews? Literature reviews are meant to encourage the student to evaluate and analyze the information that is available in a particular subject area. A literature review is not a summary of information sources. It must give an interpretation of the material that is out there; it must be a synthesis, it must be an evaluation, and it must advise the reader.

Literature Reviews versus Research Papers

Literature reviews are not the same thing as research papers. With a research paper, the goal is to incorporate the literature as a context and support for any new insights that you contribute with your research. But with literature reviews, what you are to do is to synthesize and analyze the arguments of others without providing any new research contributions.

Why Write Literature Reviews?

Literature review writing is vital for several reasons. The literature review shows that you have a good understanding of the information that is available in their subject area or field. It also helps to provide a useful background or the investigation of a particular issue

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