Our Do’s and Don’ts

Our Do’s and Don’ts2018-08-24T14:27:32+00:00

We don’t want to waste your time, or, as equally important, ours, either.   So let’s try something different. Here is what we won’t do.

We Don’t ‘BS’ ….

We are not going to try to convince you or promise you that we are the best in the academic essay industry. Every other custom writing essay site does that already. And it means nothing. There is no industry benchmark in which to measure the performance or success of companies in the operating in the academic writing business.  There are no awards given (you might have seen some on essay company websites but, wait, shocker incoming, these ‘awards’ are entirely fake), there is no ‘body’ or ‘group’ giving out ‘best in industry’ titles or anything like that. It’s all hogwash to reel you in.

But We Do and Will Work Whole Heartedly for You

What we will do however is work to be the best academic service provider for you.  And by the ‘best’, that means something, indeed everything, to us. So we will respond timely to your queries, follow carefully the instructions you provide for your essay, coursework or thesis, or whatever project you may need help with. As well, we will work hard, which involves dedicating time to research, writing and review, to make sure you receive the highest quality paper. If you are not happy we will be happy to offer revisions. Indeed, we, unlike others, do not churn out papers on a mass basis waiting for the next customer to come along. We are a smaller company and as such we are concerned with creating and maintaining long lasting relationships. Every customer, every paper, is of the utmost importance to us.

We Don’t Promise to Be Everything….

We are not going to tell you that we are the biggest and baddest, ready and able to do anything for you at the drop of a hat. That is often just a line used by other essay companies, anyway, to get you to buy in to whatever bs it is they are selling. And man do they sell it

But We Do What We Can Whenever We Can for You

We on the other hand are a team of legitimate, straight talking writers who formed together to create this company some 12 years ago (see more on the about us page). We are here during regular business hours and are able to address and respond to your needs during normal business hours. Normal business hours to us are 8am-5PM EST. We are also available during live help during normal business hours as well.  You might live on the other side of the world (hello, mates!) but don’t expect us to be sitting around at all hours. We have families, lives, loved ones outside of work, just like you. Relax, send us a message, and we will get back to you.

We Don’t Have a Massive Sweatshop Factory Ready to Take On Any Project, Anytime in a Half Assed Manner

We do not have and are not interested in retaining 58294059 writers who can complete any project at any time. Websites that have these kinds of writing teams usually outsource (to ESL countries) to retain such a wide pool of writers who have very little interest or motivation to dedicate the kind of individual care and attention projects of all shapes and sizes, be it a large dissertation or a short essay review, need.

But We Do Give Individualized Attention and Care to Do It Right

We however have a small team of writers who truly work with care and dedication on the projects they take on throughout the semester. Sometimes clients just want their essay or coursework done and don’t want to be involved. That is good by us. Send us the information and we will get it done. No problem. But sometimes, and we find that it is indeed the case more often than not, clients desire more communication and cooperative relationships, especially when larger project like dissertations or theses are involved. That is good by us, as well. Our writers will work with you, send you drafts of the project, listen to your advice and feedback while providing their own, to create a cooperative relationship and a successful end product that you will be happy with.

In The End…

The custom essay industry is a saturated field.  Making a choice about who you want to work with is not easy. But if you are looking for honest, legitimate and candid people who will always be on your side, then the choice is easy. Go-essays.

Click to chat with us live if you have any concerns, give us a call, or, if you are ready, head on over to place your order with us today. We will truly be happy to help. Looking forward to what we hope will be a long lasting relationship!

Other ‘Do’s’…We Do

Guarantee Your Paper will be 100% Original

Look. We are not newbies. We have been in the business for more than a decade. We do this because we love to write. We love to learn. We love to grow, and we believe that writing helps us to achieve some level of personal growth and development. And we love to have a good pool of students who keep coming back to us, time and again. Copying and pasting is easy but it does nothing to fulfil our goals, whether personally or professionally. We do not and will never plagiarize.

Guarantee Your Paper Will Be On Time

We don’t play games. If we can’t complete your paper on time, we will tell you. Like real human beings. Up front, nice, honest communication. Lovely, huh? And we will give you your money back in full without a hassle if we can’t complete it. No problem-erino.

Guarantee Your Paper Will Be Written by an English Speaking Graduate

We have a small staff of American and UK university graduates who, after more than a decade of writing theses, essays, and completing course work of all kinds, are more than familiar with how to complete writing projects of any size and type and are more than capable of doing so. We do not outsource. We do not hire ESL writers. It is as simple as that.