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Writing an article review essay takes a great deal of time. When you are assigned this task, the tutor is not looking for you to merely summarize or describe. You need to really stay away from being descriptive as much as possible.

Because instead, what the tutor is really looking for is a critical evaluation.

Often times, you will be expected to do this while incorporating the readings and information that was introduced in the module. So you’ll really need to be critical and evaluative, thinking a great deal about how points in the article may align or deviate from the issues and topics and readings that your tutor covered/assigned in your course so far.

This is indeed not an easy task. It requires a great deal of time to allocate to reading and writing, and certainly not to mention going carefully over all is the information that has been provided by your tutor. Your tutor will expect that you have done the necessary work to demonstrate that you have knowledge of the concepts and issues addressed.

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