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If you are looking for coursework help, then you have mostly come to the right place. Completing coursework generally compromises anywhere between 50-70% or more of your overall grade. So it is one of the most important assignments that you will complete.

The coursework that tutors assign is often not easy. More often than not, complex projects are assigned, case study analyses, analysis of media, etc., and even when the assignment topic may seem to be a piece of cake (for example, discuss and evaluate the influence of free trade on climate change), what tutors are looking for is very critical, evaluative work. They are not looking for descriptions, they are not looking for summaries, and tutors are certainly not looking for you to rehash what was discussed in the lectures or the readings assigned.

What they want is for you to answer the question in a way that incorporates the readings, relates to the coursework topic assigned, while at the same time including the information that was discussed during the module, i.e., that which you may find in your lecture notes. And you have to do this while incorporating additional research outside of the course as well.

Doing this is often a source of anxiety for students regardless of their academic level, whether you are an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate student. So if you are looking for coursework help, then you have come to the right place.

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