6 Stages of Consumer Buying Process and Buying Custom Essay Papers

Buy Custom Essay Papers

Buy Custom Essay Papers

What do students do when they want to buy custom essay papers? Marketing researchers and scholars may argue that they go through six stages of the consumer buying process.
The first step in the process is called problem recognition. Problem recognition is the time in which the customer understands they have a need or want unfulfilled. As it pertains to essay writing, then, the student may be worried about a paper due immediately that they have forgotten about or failed to complete, or perhaps they have a research proposal coming up soon but can’t think of good objectives.
Whatever the problem is, the student is driven to the next step, information search. This is the time in which the student looks for a solution for the problem. For the most part, students will end up typing key terms in Google such as ‘buy custom essay papers’ or ‘buy research papers’ online.
Yet it is here where a major problem occurs, a problem that many students are not even aware of.
As the student scrolls down the lists of sites that Google returns from the search term and clicks on different sites to check out who they are and what they offer, there is really no way for the student to determine who is the industry leader or expert in a particular field. Usually, marketers are concerned about communicating their expertise or credentials to the potential consumer in the information search stage because it provides the consumer with a sense of security by displaying the status.

Consumer Beware!

But, consumer beware! In the essay industry, there are NO, yes, you read it right, NO awards, NO industry analysis reports, statistics or ratings given, and yet the student will undoubtedly have read that ‘such and such essay site is ‘the best’ in the industry’ or that they have been recognized in glowing terms by media outlets as being the ‘top’ essay writing site as ranked by ‘so and so’ company. But there are no rankings and rewards given in this industry.
And that harms the ability to truly engage in the third step of the buying process, evaluating alternatives. Because the student may be wary and want to do some fact checks, there is no really way in which they can do that. The student might check out prices to see who offers whatever service they are looking for cheaper, but that does not guarantee they will or can make the right decision.
So when the student comes to the fourth point in the buying process, the purchase decision, the student may feel that he/she has explored various options and understand what is available (in addition to other variables like pricing and payment options), but in actuality they do not know what they are getting into. Here is usually where marketers suggest that companies give as much information that is needed about the brand and promise to make sure the consumer does not walk away.

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise is based on offering you quality essays at reasonable prices, but more than that to build a long lasting relationship with you. We are not looking for students to buy custom essay papers with us as a onetime deal. If they so choose to do so, that is certainly fine by us. But what we really want to create long lasting relationships so we see you return time and time again. We aim to achieve fulfilling this promise by employing a small group of very talented and experienced writers who come from all walks of life, from UK graduates with a master’s in business to U.S. graduates with years of experience working with international students to help them get through their coursework while meeting any special needs or requests they may have. You are free to check our samples to understand the kind of quality we provide if you choose to buy a custom essay paper with us today!
The consumer buying process is not yet however finished, even if you did decide to place your order. Indeed, after the need has been recognized, the ‘research’ completed and the purchase made, the student must wait for the arrival of their order. Then, the consumer will go through a post purchase evaluation to determine whether they are truly satisfied with their decision. We are confident that you will be more than happy, but as sometimes is the case, mistakes or misunderstandings happen, and if anything like that occurs, or if you feel for whatever reason your work may need a revision, you are more than welcome, – indeed, please do! – click on the live chat or call us as we will be happy to remedy any problem or issue you may have with your work.

You Can Be Sure and Confident

By buying a custom essay paper with us you can be sure and confident that we will do everything in our power to create an excellent essay, one that is thoughtful, critical, analytical and, equally important, relevant to the module and course content in which you were introduced and expected to master. We give you our word. And we believe that our word is one of the most strongest things to have. Because without being true to us and true to you, we cannot and could not continue to do what it is we do, writing custom essay papers for students (and doing so without the hassle and trouble that has come to so many others). Here’s to happy shopping. We hope you choose and stay with GoEssays.