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There is a major misconception among those criticizing college students for using custom essay writing services. Many believe it is because some students are lazy, dishonest or unethical. In fact, just a host of other ‘un’-nice adjectives you can inset here. This is not true though. One of the major reasons why custom essay writing for college students exists is because a large amount of these students are stressed and anxious. In fact, there was an article by David Leibow in Psychology Today were he documented how 39 percent of college students feel “hopeless”, 47 percent experience “overwhelming anxiety” and 84 percent “feel overwhelmed” with all that it is they must do. What can be the cause of this stress? Namely, the pressure to succeed. That is basically why students look for the best college custom essay writing service.

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More often than not, when kids fresh out of high school go to college many of these students find themselves woefully unprepared. Students come from high schools were the curriculum is, according to Leibow, either not rigorous enough or have failed to impart basic skills (especially the important cognitive skills like reflective and critical thinking that are necessary for essay writing). Even in schools that Leibow feels are “highly competitive”, students are often overwhelmed with content. Facts and information are preferred over cognitive skills like being aware of how to solve problems and approach essay writing. Some students may be able to figure out how to do the work. But some students do not know what to do or where to turn.

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That is where college custom essay writing services can help. The team at GoEssays has wealth of knowledge about what it is that universities want, especially universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, as our team of academic freelance writers and graduates have worked for more than 15 years writing for students studying at these institutions. No wonder, we are the best essay writing service out there. We know how hard it is for not only first year students but for college students more generally, and it can be even harder for international students who do not have the same proficiency in the English language as do their native counterparts (not to mention the fact that many of these students suffer from the not so easy journey of culture shock).

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In the end, we are not here to judge why you might need help with your college custom essay. We are here to help . If you want to stop on over to ask any questions that you may have about custom essay writing, please feel free to click on the live help button or give us a call. We will be happy to help. We will be looking forward to hearing from you. Choose GoEssays today, the best essay writing service with more than 15 years of experience!

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